Welcome to NSC

Welcome to NSC

Welcome to the Official Mod Guide for New Ship Classes & More!

New Ship Classes & More is a mod for the PC strategy game Stellaris by Paradox Interactive. Stellaris is available to purchase on Steam here.

This website is here to serve as a full guide to the mod for our users. By using the drop down menus above, you can view a page about each individual feature in the mod to learn what it does, how it works, its requirements in the game, and other information.

The New Ship Classes & More mod (“NSC” for short) is currently available in 3 different mod formats, the “main” mod where all features and improvements are made (called “NSC Main”), and two “sub-mods,” each featuring only a specific part of the New Ship Classes & More mod: NSC Streamlined & Playable Guardians Standalone.


New Ship Classes & More

More information about the latest updates to this mod as well as the ability to subscribe and download it can be found on our Steam Workshop page, located here.

The original New Ship Classes & More mod, dubbed NSC Main for short, is the primary mod that holds all features, improvements, and tweaks of the mod, and all developments from NSC Main that are relevant to each sub-mod are transferred to them after development in NSC Main is completed.

General Listing of New Ship Classes & More’s features and changes:

  • New Ship Classes: Light Carrier, Battlecruiser, Strike Cruiser, Carrier, Dreadnought, Superdreadnought, Flagship.
  • New Station Classes: Headquarters Station, Sensor Station, Battle Fortress, Drydock.
  • 18 New Playable Races: AI, Ancients, Pirates, Swarm, 7 Unbidden Colors, 6 Fallen Empire Types, and a new made-from-scratch race called Creatures of the Void.
  • Playable Guardians: Allows the player to summon their own replaceable Guardian with many improvements surrounding Leviathans (if they have purchased the Leviathans DLC).
  • NSC Features Menu: A new menu accessed via a new button giving player organized control over NSC features and gives detailed info on the mod itself.
  • Components Feature: Includes advanced Reactors, Shields, Armor, Thrusters, & Sensors with certain unique optimized ones for special vanilla components.
  • New Weapons: New 3rd Level XL weaponry and 3rd level Kinetic Artillery.
  • New Spaceport Modules: The Mothball & Scrapyard Facility and the Customs Office.
  • New Buildings: The Governor’s “Palace” buildings (3 different variations for different authorities) and The Science & Technology Center.
  • New Megastructures: Including Buildable Planets and an Industrial Complex (for players who have purchased the Utopia DLC).
  • Vanilla Improvements: Numerous fixes or improvements for many vanilla issues, including the AI, the guardian weaponry bug, and many event file fixes.
  • And Much More: Hundreds of other tweaks and changes to improve the gameplay experience.

IMPORTANT: While the New Ship Classes & More mod runs without requiring any DLCs, there are certain parts of the mod that cannot be used without purchasing select DLC for the Stellaris game. While these DLC purchases are completely optional, you will not be able to have the full New Ship Classes & More experience without the purchase of the following Stellaris DLCs:

Stellaris: Leviathans Story Pack  This DLC allows you to enjoy the Playable Guardians Feature, the biggest expanded feature in the New Ship Classes & More mod, along with certain shipsets and cultures that require assets from the DLC. You can purchase the Leviathans Story Pack DLC here.

Stellaris: Utopia – This DLC allows you to access the Megastructures New Ship Classes & More provides. You can purchase the Utopia DLC here.

Stellaris: Synthetic Dawn Story Pack – This DLC allows you to access the Synthetic Android Portraits NSC provides, giving you a very wide range of color/pattern options for the original Stellaris android portraits. You can purchase the Synthetic Dawn DLC here.


New Ship Classes & More: Streamlined

More information about the latest updates to this mod as well as the ability to subscribe and download it can be found on our Steam Workshop page, located here.

While NSC Main offers many features and improvements to the Stellaris game, certain players didn’t want all the extra features, and instead wished to focus more on the mods primary goal: new ship classes. With this in mind, the “lite” version of New Ship Classes & More was created, called New Ship Classes & More: Streamlined (or “NSC Streamlined” for short).

What NSC Streamlined includes and doesn’t include from NSC Main:

  • Includes: Everything NSC Main address around Ship/Station Classes, NSC Weaponry, NSC Component Feature.
  • Doesn’t Include: Everything not addressing Ship/Station Classes, to include: Playable Guardians & All Extra Playable Races, Buildings, Modules, & Megastructures.

IMPORTANT: Due to the “lite” content of NSC Streamlined, this version of the mod doesn’t require any DLC to function any of its features, unlike NSC Main.


Playable Guardians Standalone

More information about the latest updates to this mod as well as the ability to subscribe and download it can be found on our Steam Workshop page, located here.

This sub-mod is the Playable Guardian Feature originating from NSC Main now separated out into its own standalone mod for those who just want this feature.

General Listing of Playable Guardians Standalone’s features and changes:

  • Playable & Replaceable Guardians: Automated Dreadnought, Dimensional Horror, Enigmatic Fortress, Ether Drake, Baby Drake, Stellarite, Technosphere, Wraith, & Carrack Pirate Galleon.
  • Additional Color Variations For Select Guardians: Ether Drake has 13 color options, Wraith has 8 color options, Automated Dreadnought has 2 color options.
  • Player Controlled Guardian System Spawn Chances: You determine which Guardians are available in your campaign from the start, including how many, whenever you want.
  • Reworked Guardian Systems: Improvements and upgrades to most Guardians systems to make them more worthwhile.
  • Improved Guardian Weaponry & Scaling: Ether Drake & Automated Dreadnought are now the “massive size” they were meant to be, and the Pirate Galleon and Technosphere have better than level one weaponry, etc.
  • Fixed the Guardian Weaponry Bug: Paradox incorrectly coded certain Guardians, causing them to loose some of their weaponry. No more.
  • Fixes & Improvements To The Vanilla Guardian Event File: Many changes, overhauls, and improvements for the Guardian events fixes numerous bugs and issues, including the entire Enigmatic Fortress, Ether Drake, Technosphere, and Artisan Enclave event chains.

IMPORTANT: Unlike the first two mods here, Playable Guardians Standalone requires the Leviathans DLC, which you can find here, to run at all, since the entire mod improves and modifies the contents of this particular DLC.


The Flagship – Pride of the Navy.


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