November 12, 2016 – v3.0.0

This is the change log for NSC v3.0.0

Changes In This Update: (New Save Game is Required)

  • Added new ship class: Superdreadnought
  • Added new ship class: Construction Cruiser
  • Added new station class: Drydock
  • Added new designable station class: Frontier Outpost
  • Added new component: Stellar Cartography (Aux Slot)
  • Added new component: Navigational Array (Aux Slot)
  • Added new component: Multiphasic Sensor Array (Special Ship Slot)
  • Added new component: Damage Control (Special Ship Slot)
  • Added new component: Captain’s Ready Room (Special Ship Slot)
  • Added new component: Crew Lounge (Special Ship Slot)
  • Added new component: Fire Control System (Special Ship Slot)
  • Added new component: Structural Integrity Field (Special Ship Slot)
  • Added new component: Auxiliary Shield System (Special Ship Slot)
  • Added new component: Quantum Thrusters (Special Ship Slot)
  • Added new component: Deflector Array (Special Ship Slot)
  • Removed ship class: Fleet Support Ship
  • Some auras have been removed and/or combined for simplicty and balance.
  • The HQ Station has been changed back to a standard military station, built with a construction ship.
  • The HQ station now spawns its own automated defense fleet. This fleet is not controllable by the player but will automatically defend the system it is in.
  • The HQ station is now equipped with its own jump drive, which allows it to be moved to any player colonized system. This is done via a Planet Edict in the system the player wants to move the station to.
  • Building more than one Flagship or HQ Station no longer results in a happiness debuff. Instead, the second unit cannot be built due to the insanely high cost.
  • EWAR Sensor Array has been moved to the normal sensor slot instead of its own slot. It also unlocks automatically when you unlock a class that can use it.
  • EWAR Sensor Array is now available on 5 classes: Superdreadnought, Flagship, Sensor Station, Battle Fortress, and Headquarters Station.
  • Fleet formations have been completely reworked in order to make combat fleets more effective.
  • Ship turrets were scaled a bit to allow more flexibility in weapons loadouts.
  • All ships are now fitted with at least one “special ship slot” that can equip a module that provides a bonus to that specific ship.
  • Added compatibility for the Advanced Ship Behavior Modules mod.
  • Added compatibility for the Ship Power Stations mod.
  • Added new combat computers for every NSC ship class.
  • Added new 3D models for the Power Station, Mining Base, and Drydock
  • Flak guns have been tweaked and moved back to Large slots for balance.
  • Torpedoes and missiles have been tweaked to make them more effecive.
  • All ship classes have been renamed within the mod code to follow a certain naming standard.
  • Completely redesigned all of the stats, weapons, and utilities for all ship classes (including vanilla) to give every ship a specified role.
  • Completely redesigned all of the icons in the mod.
  • Complete overhaul of all tech costs.
  • All weapons and utility slots in the ship designer have been recolored for easier use.
  • Targeting priorites have been added for all weapons and ship classes.
Updated: November 12, 2016 — 1:35 pm


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    1. No, this is Patrick.

  2. Yes. Yes it is. LOL

  3. So, I’ve seen that the Destroyer’s HP differs from what the page here says it should be (Page: 900, In-Game: 600); also, it seems like destroyers costing 3 fleet capacity seems a bit too much, for what essentially equates to 1.5-2.5 corvettes when taking into account its small/medium weaponry, number utility slots and lack of anything special that would otherwise make one construct destroyers instead of more corvettes (e.g. the now gone single large weapon slot). It just doesn’t seem that worth it, especially in early-mid game when you need to maximize your fleet within its bounds. For me, previously, the destroyers were meant to bridge the gap between the power of corvettes and cruisers, mainly having weaponry either to (a.) supply supporting fire from the middle of your fleet (the large slot); or (to have the power of two corvettes with reduced speed and evasion stats) (b.) aiding in taking down other smaller ships. I, or at least thus-far in my 3.0 game, simply cannot validate myself to construct destroyers within my fleet, as it offers little advantage, especially mid-late game what with its reduced arsenal abilities, or early game with its larger capacity cost with little true *advantage* to offer, not really giving you an edge facing off against an opponent who hasn’t yet researched the level 2 tech.

    Sorry for the long comment. Just note that I may be wrong in my observations, as I am not perfect. If I’m missing something, please do point it out, as I try to be as accurate as possible when it comes to maximizing my fleet to capacity ratio. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and also for taking such lengths to update this mod.

  4. There’s definitely a good chance that some of the numbers on the site here are wrong, because we changed so much at the last minute, and I might have forgotten to update something. But you make a very good and well rounded argument, and I am going to copy and paste this to our balance manager and see what he thinks. Thank you for a great post!

  5. Overall I love this mod especially the larger variety of larger ships. However I’m kind of surprised that frigates and destroyers got nerfed so hard (they can no-longer carry anything bigger than a small slot with lots of PD). In prior games I used them as the back bone of my fleets since they could mount Large weapons like KA(I role play as the UNSC). Was there a reason why they were broken so bad?

  6. The weapons_component.csv is still using pre-1.3.2 values for XL weapons. Except for Arc emitters for some odd reason.

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