Season 1, Episode 4: Fool Me Once… Fool Me Twice… (Update 1 – Version 1.4.0)

New Save Game is NOT REQUIRED.

  • Happy April Fools Day! (Don’t worry, the mod still works LOL)
  • NEW COMBAT COMPUTER: Artificial Intelligence Combat System – This extremely advanced computer system can intelligently run all combat systems on a ship without taking over the helm, allowing for complete movement control during combat. Available for Carriers, Fleet Support Ships, and the Flagship.
    • Special Note: This computer is available only on Carriers, Fleet Support Ships, and the Flagship. It will allow the player to directly control the movement of these ships while in combat. The ships equipped with this computer MUST be in a fleet by themselves or only with other ships that have the same computer – the movement control will not work in fleets mixed with other ships. Our best recommendation is to keep your Carriers and Fleet Support Ships in their own separate fleet, which you will be able to move around the battlefield as you wish. The fleet will move to the position you designate and will continue firing as long as they have a target within weapons range. The fleet will not move again until you tell them to do so.
  • NEW WEAPON: Tomahawk Advanced Cruise Missile – An extremely expensive anti-capital ship missile with a very long range and high damage. Very useful for defense stations or long range artillery ships.
  • Picket computers have been added to Battleships so that the Spitfire Battleship can be used as effectively as possible.
  • The Naval Headquarters now gives a bonus of 80 to the Fleet Command Limit, bringing the max in NSC to 400.
  • The Starbase Administrator building now produces 5 unity per building instead of 1 (Max total of 25 unity per month).
  • Increased reactor power for the Ion and Annihilator Cannons so they can be equipped properly.
  • Added the 4 missing icons for the Defense Platform Increase techs.
  • Fixed the NSC country types file coding change from 2.0.2.
  • Fixed the Flagship PD sections linking to Titan entities instead of Flagship entities.
  • Fixed all ship modifiers in the ship sizes files.
  • Added a blank model entity called “empty_mesh” for use by those making new shipsets or for any other uses.
  • Fixed various minor localisation errors.
  • Removed the old NSC Legacy reactor icons for vanilla reactors. Their icons should be back to normal now.
  • The Unlimited Supercapitals addon has been updated with all changes. In addition, the Influence upkeep cost was removed from Flagships in the addon to allow players to build as many as they want, as intended.
  • Minor changes to the Special Ship Slots.
Updated: April 1, 2018 — 12:50 am

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