Season 1, Episode 4: Fool Me Once… Fool Me Twice… (Update 2 – Version 1.4.2)

New Save Game is NOT REQUIRED.

  • Changed the April Fools Special Ship Slot icons back to the normal icons.
  • Increased the build cost of Strike Cruisers to help with balance.
    • Old cost range was 450-700, new range is 750-1000.
  • Reduced the ship/station upkeep techs from 40% to 20% to remove the possibility of obtaining more than 100% upkeep reduction with other techs, bonuses, and perks.
  • Added in Disabled Ship Sections for Destroyer and Battleship to maintain compatibility with mods that still use those sections.
    • These sections will not actually be usable in the ship designer, they were simply re-added for mods that require them, like MEM.
  • Fixed Upgrade path for Tier 4 to Tier 5 thrusters.
  • Cruise Missiles can now be placed on Military Stations (but not on Starbases).
  • Fixed Thrusters using the wrong 2.01 modifier.
  • Fixed Cruise Missiles to have the proper weapon_role.
  • Removed the ability to equip the Tomahawk Advanced Cruise Missile from the Strike Cruiser for balance.
  • Fixed the NSC Fighter wings to have the correct names and fighter icons.
  • Fixed Military Stations not having their weapons range and fire rate in the correct ship_modifier entry.
  • Fixed Crisis Starbases not having their weapons range modifier in the correct ship_modifier entry.
  • Minor Localization Fixes.
Updated: April 7, 2018 — 6:18 am

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