Season 1, Episode 5: Strike Cruisers Part Deux (Update 1 – Version 1.5.0)

New Save Game is Not Required (But Highly Recommended)

  • Strike Cruiser Redesign – Strike Cruisers have been overhauled for better game balance.
    • IMPORTANT NOTE FOR PLAYERS: Most sections have been altered, so your Strike Cruisers in save games will be broken and MUST be redesigned and upgraded, and in some cases may have to be scrapped and rebuilt.
    • IMPORTANT NOTE FOR MOD AUTHORS: Most sections have been renamed in the section_template file, meaning that NSC-compatible shipsets will need to be updated.
    • Build Time increased to 330 days.
    • Base build cost range increased to 700 – 1200.
    • New Bow Options:
      • Volley Bow: 2S 2M / 5MU
      • Pinpoint Bow: 2PD 2M / 5MU
      • Fusillade Bow: 1G 4S / 4MU
      • Missile Bow: 2G / 4MU
      • Artillery Bow: 1L / 4MU
      • Broadside Bow: 3M / 3MU
    • New Core Options:
      • Volley Core: 2S 2M / 5MU
      • Spitfire Core: 6S / 3LU 3MU
      • Broadside Core: 3M / 4MU
    • New Stern Options:
      • Broadside Stern: 2M / 2A
      • Pinpoint Stern: 2S 2PD / 3A
      • Spitfire Stern: 4S / 3A
  • Tomahawk Advanced Cruise Missile has been redesigned for balance.
    • Range of 250 unchanged.
    • Cooldown time significantly reduced.
    • Damage reduced to 200 – 300.
    • Power & Mineral Cost reduced to 150.
    • Evasion reduced to 10%.
    • Missile Health reduced to 18.
    • Re-targeting Range reduced to 100.
    • Tracking reduced to 0.
    • Can now only be equipped on these ships: Battlecruiser, Battleship, Carrier, Dreadnought, Titan, and Flagship.
    • Cannot be equipped directly on starbases but can be equipped on defense platforms, stations, and fortresses.
  • Changed all NSC Shield/Armor/Hull Regen components to 0.5% instead of 20% to resolve overflow issues that were causing ship shields to drain to 0 and not recharge.
    • Paradox changed the regen mechanic in 2.0, and we did not discover it until now. The old mechanic was simple in that 20% regen meant the ship recharged its shields, hull, and armor 20% faster than vanilla base value. The new mechanic is vastly different – 20% now means that the ship regenerates 20% of its total capacity per day, meaning that the ship could completely regenerate itself in 5 days, making it nearly invulnerable. However, this did not happen in our case because the shield, armor, and hull levels for NSC ships are so high that the regen values caused the base values to simply roll back over to 0 and stay there. This is what caused the bug people were noticing that we originally attributed to vanilla. This stat change should solve that issue while maintaining the regeneration bonuses that we originally intended.
  • Turned off the auto-upgrade for the Ion Cannon and Annihilator Cannon, so that your designs for them don’t keep getting overwritten every time you research a new tech.
  • Cruiser base evasion increased from 10% to 15% for balance.
  • Battleship Broadside (L2M2S2) bow cost changed from 300 to 400 and Large Utility slots changed from 4 to 3 for proper balance.
  • Fixed to make it to where the HQ building will only show up in the build menu of the Stronghold.
  • Fixed some modifier errors with the Special Slots, they all now should be working properly.
  • Version.txt file added to the main directory of the mod, so you can tell what version of the mod Steam has downloaded.
Updated: April 17, 2018 — 6:55 am

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