The Automated Dreadnought

The Automated Dreadnought

The Automated Dreadnought is one of several “Leviathans” or “Guardians” available through the Leviathans DLC.


It is a powerhouse of specialized weaponry and extremely strong shielding that makes it difficult for traditional weaponry to defeat.

It was one of several flagships belonging to an unusually powerful interstellar empire that flourished in a small region of our galaxy some seven million years ago. As is so often the case, that empire was brought to a sudden and violent end at the hands of its neighbors in a series of very destructive wars. Its masters have been dead for millions of years, but the massive warship continues to stand vigil over the broken rubble of their empire. These Dreadnoughts are extremely rare, and there may only be one left of its kind, as it continues to dutifully patrol its assigned system despite the death of its crew. Many attempts have been made throughout the ages to put the old warship to its final rest – none successful. The only certain fact about this massive vessel is it completely relies on its advanced AI to function, even though designs suggest a large crew is required for optimal efficiency. Be grateful we don’t know its capabilities under such optimized conditions.


Dreadnought Capabilities:

  • Sublight Speed: 3
  • Combat Speed: 0.75
  • Hit Points: 20,000
  • Evasion: 2
  • Armor: 54 (30.9% Damage Reduction)
  • Fire Rate: +100%
  • Weapon Damage: +200%
  • Shield Integrity:  +300%

Dreadnought Weaponry:

  • 2 Large Phased Disruptors
  • 5 Large Plasma Cannons
  • 4 Large Kinetic Barrages
  • 2 Small Phased Disruptors
  • 3 Small Plasma Cannons
  • 5 Guardian Point-Defense

Dreadnought Utilities:

  • 8 Large NSC Zero Point Reactors
  • 6 Large Gravi-Forged Nanocomposite Armor Plates
  • 7 Large Multiphasic Shield Units
  • 3 Shield Capacitors
  • 2 Regenerative Hull Tissues

Dreadnought Solar System:

  • The Automated Dreadnought spawns immediately upon system creation, making it one of the easiest to find as it will already be present in system when discovered.
  • The Automated Dreadnought has the longest patrol route of any Guardian, and its aggression radius is smaller than the system, so you can get in without engaging.
  • The Automated Dreadnought will spawn in a system with any “standard star class,” meaning it could have a(n) A, B, F, G, K or M class star in its system.
  • The Automated Dreadnought system is guaranteed to have three uniquely resourced 25-tile habitable worlds: one Desert, one Continental, and one Arctic, or one per habitable category.
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