Buildable Planets

Buildable Planets

A new feature introduced in NSC V5 allows the player to build new planets. These artificial planets are treated in the game as megastructures and require the Utopia DLC in order to build them. The player will automatically gain access to these as soon as they activate the Master Builders ascension perk. They can be found in the Megastructure build menu of a Construction Ship.

How They Work:

Once the player chooses to build a planet, they must select a planet within a system as the initial target. This target will serve as a baseline location for the new planet, which when built, will appear near the target planet, but in its own orbit around the star.

A manufactured planet can be any one of 10 random habitable classes (Including Gaia). The planet will always be 25 tiles in size and will always feature 100% habitability (because it’s manufactured). The planet has a random chance to spawn its own ring system. In addition, the game will automatically assign random resources to the planet as well as random planet bonuses.

Choose the location of your new planet carefully – once built, they cannot be disassembled or destroyed. Once completed, the new planet will function exactly the same as any other habitable planet in the game – it can be colonized, produce resources, house pops, and have a spaceport.

A buildable planet takes 10 years to complete and costs 15,000 minerals to build (with the bonus from the required ascension perk).


  • Ascension Perk: Master Builders

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