The Carrack Pirate Galleon

The Carrack Pirate Galleon

The Carrack Pirate Galleon is one of several “Leviathans” or “Guardians” available through the Leviathans DLC, however, unlike other Guardians, this one is specifically created by NSC for NSC subscribers, to give the Pirates a “real” Guardian.


The Carrack Pirate Galleon is about the equivalent of 3 regular Pirate Galleons, and it’s size and weaponry are so over the top that only a Pirate would find these extremes necessary.

The NSC development team always thought the “Pirate Galleon” was this sad “Guardian” Paradox threw in, with level 1 weaponry, because the Pirates needed something more, and they gave us…. that?! So we decided to do what all good pirates do: go for the biggest, meanest, flashiest ship we could, cobbled and wildly thrown together from junk, scrap, and stolen goods, to have such enormous size and firepower as to to make up for all the Captain’s lacking manhood… Therefore, we present to you: The Carrack Pirate Galleon, the REAL Pirate Guardian!


Galleon Capabilities:

  • Sublight Speed: 4
  • Combat Speed: 0.75
  • Hit Points: 100,000
  • Evasion: 25%
  • Armor: 100 (57.1% Damage Reduction)

Galleon Weaponry:

  • 2 Graviton Lances
  • 2 Pulsated Arc Emitters
  • 2 Neutron Torpedo Launchers
  • 8 Kinetic Artillery Batteries
  • 6 Large Gamma Lasers
  • 2 Large Plasma Cannons
  • 2 Large Phased Disruptors
  • 2 Medium Plasma Cannons
  • 2 Medium Phased Disruptors
  • 10 Small Stormfire Autocannons
  • 6 Flak Artillery Batteries

Galleon Utilities:

  • 16 (NSC: Large Antimatter Shields -> Vanilla: Large Hyper Shields)

Galleon Solar System:

  • The Carrack Pirate Galleon system can only spawn in once one of the Pirate fleets in the Pirate Home System have been defeated. It will appear close to the Pirate Home System as “Hidden Paradise” and have the Carrack Pirate Galleon plus two regular Pirate Galleons already spawned, making it easy to spot by the fleet.
  • The Carrack Pirate Galleon’s fleet has a moderate aggression radius, making it possible to enter the Hidden Paradise system without engaging in battle.
  • The Hidden Paradise will spawn with any “standard star class,” meaning it could have a(n) A, B, F, G, K or M class star in it, surrounded by two “rings:” (1) the regular rings you would find around say a gas giant and (2) a ring of 16 asteroids that form a second “asteroid belt” around the star.
  • The Hidden Paradise system is guaranteed to have a ringworld, just outside the “asteroid belt” of the star.
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