The Cruiser

The Cruiser

Specialization: Warship

The Cruiser is designed to be the “main” warship of a fleet, and a group of them will typically consist of the majority of a fleet’s medium range firepower. They will feature average speed, weapons, and defenses, but will be relatively cheap and quick to build, allowing a player to build up a decent fleet augmented by a few capital ships.

Base Stats:

(These are the stats of the ship before any bonuses, utilities, or weapons are added).

  • Build Time: 195 Days (6.5 Months)
  • Mineral Cost: 300
  • Fleet Capacity: 4
  • Hull Points: 1500
  • Armor: 30.5 (30% Damage Reduction)
  • Evasion: 25%
  • Sublight Speed: 4.9
  • Combat Speed: 1.1

Research Requirements:

  • Unlocked automatically at Spaceport Level 3
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