The Dimensional Horror

The Dimensional Horror

The Dimensional Horror is one of several “Leviathans” or “Guardians” available through the Leviathans DLC.


This monstrosity will pick apart ships (literally) from extreme ranges or obliterate them with its lance before most ships could even begin to harm it.

Any advanced galactic civilization within hundreds of light years knew the moment this monstrous horror pierced its way into our realm of existence. It is a creature of pure malice, born in a dimension that bears more than a striking resemblance to the realm of Hell as described by many galactic religions. What you notice is but a small part of a greater whole – the creature in its entirety is multitudes larger. It is very fortunate this Dimensional Horror was unable to complete its transition into our universe. Had it been successful, the creature would likely have consumed all life in the galaxy by now; it has no fear, no mercy, no weakness, save the dimensional portal that seemingly holds it trapped between it’s reality and ours, only enraging the beast even further.


Horror Capabilities:

  • Sublight Speed: 0
  • Combat Speed: 0.1
  • Hit Points: 100,000
  • Evasion: 0%
  • Armor: 150 (85.7% Damage Reduction)
  • Weapon Range: +50%

Horror Weaponry:

  • 1 Dimensional Beam
  • 2 Dimensional Rippers
  • 2 Dimensional Renders
  • 2 Dimensional Strikers
  • 4 Dimensional Guards

Horror Utilities:

  • 3 Regenerative Hull Tissues

Horror Solar System:

  • The Dimensional Horror doesn’t spawn immediately upon its system’s creation, therefore, you may not know the system belongs to it until you enter the system for the first time.
  • The Dimensional Horror has an extreme range to begin with plus the 50% range boost, thus, there is no place in the system that it cannot reach your ships.
  • The Dimensional Horror will spawn in a black hole system with no other planetary bodies, and the black hole itself will have 10 of each research plus Dark Matter.
  • The Dimensional Horror system is the only Guardian system to lack a habitable planet of any kind, thus the guaranteed benefits of its black hole. The Stellarite system technically doesn’t start with a habitable world, but one can be gained through the “Back From Whence It Came” special project, whereas the Dimensional Horror system has no such benefit.
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