The Enigmatic Fortress

The Enigmatic Fortress

The Enigmatic Fortress is one of several “Leviathans” or “Guardians” available through the Leviathans DLC.


This is the only “station” Guardian, and the only Guardian where you have to “solve” its vanilla event chain to earn its Playable Guardian counterpart. Its weaponry is limited, but its defenses (and “mini stations”) are tough enough to withstand a very large fleet.

The Enigmatic Fortress is the kind of absurd, massive and self-perpetuating construction that you don’t see built anymore. Maybe that is for the best, given that the history of this Fortress has driven everyone from treasure hunters to structural engineers insane, never mind the empires that have attempted to exploit or destroy this “ancient vault.” The Enigmatic Fortress has been defeated before, but it always recovers. Some of the ancient empires of the galaxy have been driven nearly or entirely mad failing to unlock its deeper secrets or even trying to permanently destroy it. The Fortress appears so focused on maintaining itself that it’s doubtful if it has any other serious purpose, at least not in the past few centuries. The Fortress has been entered in the past, although those attempts are now nearly forgotten. The Fortress can be partially powered while in shutdown, although it will attempt to use whatever power is sent into it to jump-start its full systems. No one has ever found the right balance, if there is such a balance. The builders of the Fortress, whoever they were, must have been fond of puzzles and enigmas. The only items recovered from the fortress in the past are metal shapes used in contraptions inside, to be rearranged to some satisfactory solutions. Those who brought them back did so because they failed and barely escaped with their lives. Many others didn’t. The power source is the key. It must have been built at some point between the initial construction of the hull and the setup of the defense systems. Its recovery method is unknown, but over the eons it has been discovered the fortress contains large quantities of dark matter. That substance and its relationship to black holes is key to understanding how the fortress has lasted so long. No one has ever found the source of its power, but the first who does will likely be the first to master this long standing enigma.


Fortress Capabilities:

  • Hit Points: 50,000
  • Evasion: 0%
  • Armor: 0
  • The Fortress can auto repair and become fully operational again if the wrong “answers” are selected during the Fortress’ vanilla event chain.
  • Before being disabled or engaged, the Enigmatic Fortress will have “mini” stations guarding it:
    • 2 Enigmatic Guardians
    • 2 Enigmatic Wardens
    • 4 Enigmatic Defenders
    • 8 Enigmatic Sentinels

Fortress Weaponry:

  • 7 Kinetic Artillery Batteries

Fortress Utilities:

  • 4 Large Enigmatic Power Cores
  • 4 Large Enigmatic Deflectors
  • 1 Enigmatic Decoder
  • 7 Large Neutronium Armor Plates
  • 1 Shield Capacitor

Fortress Solar System:

  • The Enigmatic Fortress spawns immediately upon system creation, making it one of the easiest to find as it will already be present in system when discovered.
  • The Enigmatic Fortress and its “mini stations” are all grouped together in a predetermined part of the system with a small aggression range, making it easy to get into the system without engaging in combat. The range is about the size of the aura range outlined by the Enigmatic Fortress.
  • The Enigmatic Fortress will always spawn in a system with an A class star (blue).
  • The Enigmatic Fortress system is guaranteed to have three uniquely resourced 25-tile habitable worlds: one Savannah, one Ocean, and one Tundra, or one per habitable category.
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