Governor’s Mansion

Governor’s Mansion

This luxurious (and expensive!) building not only provides your planetary governor with a home, it also features some nice bonuses. Costs 3 energy in maintenance per month. Limit 1 per planet. Building more than 50 of these total will add the Corrupt Government modifier, which will reduce your monthly energy and mineral income significantly.

IMPORTANT: The Corrupt Government modifier is checked, applied, and removed on a monthly pulse, meaning that you will need to wait up to 30 days before the modifier is removed. Also, you DO NOT need to remove all your Governor’s Mansions to remove the modifier, you just need to get it back to 50 or lower.

Base Stats:

  • Build Time: 180 Days
  • Mineral Cost: 1000
  • Energy Cost: 1000
  • Influence Cost: 50
  • Monthly Maintenance: 3 Energy

Building Bonuses:

  • Generates 1 influence per month.
  • Generates 1 unity per month.
  • Increases population happiness by 10%.

Research Requirements:

  • Planetary Government
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