Headquarters Station

Headquarters Station

Specialization: Headquarters

The Headquarters Station is an extremely large station featuring a massive weapons arsenal and some impressive bonuses, but it costs 2 Influence per month to maintain and takes 3 years to build.

The Headquarters is unique in several ways. Although it is a station and cannot move via sublight, it does have its own jump drive that will allow it to be moved to any colonized system owned by the player. This can be done by enacting a Planetary Edict in the system in which the player wishes to move the station to.

The Headquarters can be custom designed in the ship designer and can be equipped with the EWAR Sensor Array.

Base Stats:

(These are the stats of the station before any bonuses, utilities, or weapons are added).

  • Build Time: Same as all other stations, due to Paradox coding.
  • Mineral Cost: 10,500
  • Fleet Capacity: 75
  • Hull Points: 150,000
  • Armor: 122.5 (70% Damage Reduction)

Build Limit

The Headquarters station requires a massive investment of time and resources. Trying to build more than one will fail, because your shipyard workers will be unable to ever complete the second one. The player will receive a warning popup when the first station is built informing them of this. If the station is destroyed, you will be able to build another one without penalty.

Headquarters Bonuses: 

  • Country Sector Cap increased by 5
  • Country Leader Cap increased by 10
  • Ship Upgrade Cost reduced by 25%
  • Leader Skill Levels increased by 1
  • Planet Border Range increased by 20%
  • Upkeep for military stations reduced by 25%
  • Naval Capacity increased by 40%
  • Population happiness increased by 10%

Research Requirements:

  • Carrier
  • Space Defense Stations Level 3
  • Headquarters Station (This is a rare tier 4 tech so it won’t pop up as often as other techs.)
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