Highly Recommended Mods

Highly Recommended Mods

This is a list of mods that we HIGHLY RECOMMEND for use with NSC for the best game experience.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We add mods to this list as we come across them, but we do not follow them on a regular basis. Be sure that you check that any mod you subscribe to has been updated for the latest version of the game. We cannot help with bugs created by other mods. We also do not guarantee all these recommended mods will work together, only together with NSC.


Very Highly Recommended Mods that help with NSC Capital Ships (especially The Flagship) in the Ship Designer:

UI Overhaul 1080p (Dr. Maple – Tyrus) [Recommended for most players who can handle 1080p or higher.]

Unfortunately, it seems our recommendation for non-1080p users, “Bigger Ship Designer View” by The White Wolf, has been removed from the workshop. We’ll see if we can find a suitable replacement. Apologizes for the inconvenience.


Very Highly Recommended Mods that help NSC with the AI:

Enhanced AI (Anex) [Coupled with certain features from NSC, this mod helps to greatly improve the AI in general.]


Ultimate AI Megamod (Glavius) [Coupled with certain features from NSC, this mod helps to greatly improve the AI in general.]


Very Highly Recommended Mods that help NSC with Space Combat:

Automated Behavior Adjustment (Folk) [Makes space combat much smoother and fixes many issues with weaponry targeting NSC ships.]


Very Highly Recommended Mods that allow you to use any portrait group as a Machine Empire:

Fixed: Machine Pops Not Growing (Agamidae [LGS]) [Allows you to take any portrait you want and use it with the Machine Intelligence Authority without your pops disappearing after a month.]


Highly Recommended Mods for the best Stellaris gameplay experience with NSC:

Advanced Ship Behavior Modules ([REF] Issen)

AI Ship Set (Tobori) [Expands on the vanilla one NSC provides.]

Asari Civilization (Princess Stabbity)

Citadels – Tier 4 Defensive Stations (Dragon of Desire)

Colourable Swarm Ships (Trace Projectile)

Dark UI (ButtJunkie) [Plus The Dark UI Addons]

Elves of Stellaris (TheGrandN) [Compatibility Patch Required]

Extra Ship Components (NHunter)

Improved Space Battles (Graphics) (Ankain)

More Projectile Graphics (Tobori)

Ship Power Stations (Folk)

Spaceports Extended (TheRenegade, continuation of the original mod – “Spaceport Modules Expanded” – by Riot)

Star Falls (Miss Nobody)

TFW’s Bunch of Ship Parts (That Feel When – TFW)

Tiny Ship Components (Folk)

Tiny Ship Construction (Folk)

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