The Hive Asteroids

The Hive Asteroids

The Hive Asteroids are one of several “Leviathans” or “Guardians” available through the Leviathans DLC.


These massive asteroids serve as perfect nesting grounds for Swarm Seekers, fighter sized pests that have haunted trade routes and unprepared ships for countless millennia, making them a well known terror of the galaxy despite their recent seclusion.

These annoying pests were once far more prevalent in our galaxy. There was a time when you couldn’t cruise through a random asteroid belt without the little beasts swarming around your ship. They are an aggressively territorial silicon-based life form. Although they once posed a significant threat to space-faring civilizations, their numbers have been severely culled over the last 500,000 years and the surviving members of their species are fairly reclusive. Despite rumors to the contrary, there is no evidence they possess anything that could be described as sapient intelligence. They tend to nest inside asteroids, and they will attack anything which is perceived as a threat. These creatures have a tendency to coat their asteroid nests with some kind of unknown substance that acts as a potent armor against ship-based weapons then swarm your fleet and defeat you with sure numbers and force. Be grateful these vexations are few and number and now live in solitude, or the galaxy would be a much more dangerous place.


Hive Capabilities:

  • 6 Hive Asteroids with 3 Swarm Seeker Squadrons each.
  • Swarm Seeker Squadron:
    • Count: 20
    • Launch Time: 0.2
    • Combat Speed: 5
    • Range: 40
    • Attack Range: 120
    • Damage: 2-4
    • Shield Penetration: 100%
    • Armor Penetration: 66%
    • Accuracy: 100%
    • Hit Points: 50
    • Evasion: 40%
    • Armor: 10

Hive Weaponry:

  • 18 squadrons of Swarm Strikers

Hive Solar System/Notes:

  • The Hive Asteroids spawns immediately upon system creation, but as they don’t have weaponry don’t trigger any hostile targets. Hostile “Swarm Seeker” squadrons are triggered approximately 100 years after first contact, or even sooner if mining stations are built over the Hive Asteroids themselves.
  • The Swarm Seekers are provoked and will attack immediately upon spawning if you are present in the system.
  • The Hive Asteroids will spawn in a system with any “standard star class,” meaning it could have a(n) A, B, F, G, K or M class star in its system.
  • The Hive Asteroids system is guaranteed to have one 25-tile Gaia moon orbiting a gas giant with a balanced assortment of rich resource deposits.
  • The Hive Asteroids system will normally have upwards of 40 minerals in deposits once surveyed, giving another means of identifying the system.
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