New Shipsets

New Shipsets

Here you’ll find a list of shipsets that allow players to use new ship models with this mod.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We add mods to this list as we come across them, but we do not follow them on a regular basis. Be sure that you check that any mod you subscribe to has been updated for the latest version of the game. We cannot help with bugs created by other mods.


AI Ship Set (Tobori)

Asari Civilization (Princess Stabbity)

Dark Species Shipsets (Crusader Vanguard)

Elves of Stellaris (TheGrandN) [Compatibility Patch Required]

Stargate – Asgard Ships (Frstwlf)

Stargate – Tau’ri Ships (Frstwlf)

Stargate – Asuran Ships (Frstwlf)

Stargate – Goa’uld Ships (Frstwlf)

Stargate – Wraith Ships (Frstwlf)

Star Falls (Miss Nobody)

Star Wars Empire/Rebellion Patch (CaptainX3)

Star Wars Sith/Old Republic Patch (CaptainX3)

Systems Alliance (Mass Effect) Ships (CaptainX3) 

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