NSC Advanced Thrusters

NSC Advanced Thrusters

Currently this is the NSC level 5 thruster added to the vanilla thruster chain.

This thruster is part of the NSC Component Feature, which is mainly intended for NSC players who do not use NHunter’s Extra Ship ComponentsTFW’s Bunch of Ship Parts, or Guilliman’s Crystallis. A pop-up message at game start will inform you if you have any of these mods active in your game, and depending on their presence, will give a recommendation, but the choice of whether you want the NSC Components is yours. If you decide to accept the NSC Components, this decision is permanent, however, if you decline, you can always active them later by selecting the appropriate option from the NSC Features Menu. However, whether you accept or decline, the level 6 & 7 NSC Reactors will automatically be available due to the power demands of NSC Ship Classes.


Graviton Thrusters (Level 5):

“These highly advanced anti-matter gravimetrically powered thrusters provide ships with unmatched maneuverability and speed under sublight conditions.”

Component Stats:

  • Cost: 7
  • Power: -20
  • Sublight Speed Bonus: 80%
  • Combat Speed Bonus: 80%
  • Evasion Bonus: 9%

Research Requirements:

  • Impulse Thrusters
  • Graviton Thrusters
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