NSC Features Menu

NSC Features Menu

The NSC Features Menu is New Ship Classes & More’s control center, where many features can be turned on/off or be controlled, along with serving as a mini information system for those who wish to access some of the information given here in the NSC Website without leaving the game.

IMPORTANT: The “NSC Control Player” (mentioned several times below), is either the player in singleplayer or randomly selected player in multiplayer at game start, given certain controls that will effect the game entire and shouldn’t be accessed by more than one player. Please continue reading for specific examples.


How to access the NSC Features Menu:

To access the NSC Features Menu, you need to bring up the government window. This window can be easily accessed by selecting your empire’s flag in the top left corner of your screen. There will be a button in the top right corner of this window titled “Global NSC Menu”. Select this button.

This button will produce a new pop-up box explaining it’s function. In the list of possible options will be the NSC Features Menu (it could be one of the available options or the only available option depending on which mods are active in your game). Select the NSC Features Menu option to bring up the menu.


Options available in the NSC Features Menu:

As noted above, the NSC Feature Menu provides NSC Players with a variety of options, although some will be hidden to certain players under certain situations or unless certain conditions are met. Below is a list of all possible options available in the NSC Features Menu, a general idea of what they do, and any special requirements that are needed to allow them to appear.

  • Playable Guardians On/Off: This dual option will turn the Playable Guardians Feature on or off depending on the current status of the feature with a simple click. This option is available to all NSC Players who have purchased the Leviathans DLC. To learn more about this feature, please visit this webpage. This feature is automatically turned on at game start for all players with the Leviathans DLC, therefore anyone who doesn’t want to have this feature must deactivate it themselves.

  • AI Challenge Feature Menu: This menu allows the player to set the AI Challenge Feature to one of six available levels available since NSC V7, which grants the AI certain “levels of help” to keep up with the player in certain categories. To learn more about this feature, please visit this webpage.
  • NSC System Spawn Control Center: This option allows players to determine exactly which Guardian Systems (except Enclaves) are allowed into any given campaign. If no Guardian Systems are selected and spawned in from this menu then there will never be any Guardians in your campaign.  These Guardian Systems can be spawned in as many times as the player(s) would like whenever they would like, within the given limits of their PCs. This menu also allows for the spawning of the Creature Home Systems (Crystal, Cloud, Drone, Pirate) for further challenges in the later game, however, unlike the Guardian systems, the originals were not removed from galaxy generation, so please bare this in mind.
  • Activate NSC Components Option: This option does not determine whether or not you get the NSC Component Feature initially, the game start pop-up preforms this role. This option only appears to the NSC Control Player if they decline the initial offer of the NSC Component Feature in the pop-up at the start of the game. When selected, this option will unlock the NSC Component Feature for all empires in the campaign, be they Player or AI. (Though the components themselves will still have to be researched as normal.) Please see the “NSC Advanced” pages in the “Components & Auras” menu here on the NSC Website to learn more. Please be advised, just like the initial offer, accepting this feature is permanent.
  • Playable Guardian User Manual: Available to all NSC Players, this guide provides a somewhat streamlined explanation of how Playable Guardians works, while the full guide can be found here. We strongly recommend you read through this guide (the website version if at all possible) to fully understand and utilize the Playable Guardians Feature.

  • AI Challenge Feature User Manual: Available to all NSC Players, this guide provides the same information on what the AI Challenge Feature is as found on this site.
  • Mothball & Scrapyard Facility User Manual: Available to all NSC Players, this guide provides the same information on what the Mothball Spaceport Module is and what it does as the original source guide which can be found here.
  • NSC Ship Components User Manual: Available to all NSC Players, this guide gives a brief summary of what is included in the NSC Components Feature, along with how it interacts with certain other component mods and the activation option listed above. For the full “guide”, please visit the “NSC Advanced” pages located in the “Components & Auras” menu above.
  • NSC General/Bug FAQs: Available to all NSC Players, these guides give answers to commonly asked questions about NSC and general bugs that many players have encountered that have been answered by the NSC Development Team many times. We strongly recommend you read through these guides before you report a bug or ask a question about NSC. While separated in the NSC Features Menu, both are combined here in the NSC Website, and can be read here.


Options available in NSC Streamlined & Playable Guardians Standalone:

The above list is all possible options that can appear in the NSC Features Menu, however, this can only happen for NSC Main, since that’s the primary New Ship Classes & more mod containing all available features. For NSC Streamlined and Playable Guardians Standalone, not all options are relevant or required, thus only a select portion of these possible options are included for these mods. Each list of options is outlined below.


NSC Streamlined’s NSC Features Menu:

  • Activate NSC Components Option
  • NSC Ship Components User Manual
  • NSC General/Bug FAQs


Playable Guardians Standalone’s Playable Guardians Menu:

  • Playable Guardians On/Off
  • Playable Guardians System Spawn Control Center (Without Creature Home Systems)
  • Playable Guardian User Manual
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