NSC Misc Components

NSC Miscellaneous Components

These are components that don’t fit into any of the standard categories of components, but serve a particular function worth noting.


Enhanced Core Systems:

A “free” component in a new slot at the top of each civilian ship class (Science, Construction, Colonizer, Transport), applies specialized bonuses to the ships that are the equivalent of the old NSC Science/Construction Cruiser ship classes, providing the vanilla civilian ship classes with boosts to core statistics, such as speed and hit points. Because this component acts more like the “science lab” component on the science ship, this component will only affect the ship it is installed on, versus affecting and fluctuating nearby military ship classes’ statistics as well.

Component Stats:

  • Civilian Ship Sublight Speed increased 75%.
  • Civilian Ship Combat Speed increased ten fold (it’s warranted).
  • Civilian Ship HP increased five fold.
  • Civilian Ship Armor increased by 18.
  • Civilian Ship Evasion increased 10%.
  • Civilian Ship Upkeep increased 25%.

Research Requirements:

  • Enhanced Civilian Designs


Cruiser Science Lab:

This new/improved science lab is also available with the “Enhanced Core Systems” upgrade described above. This one is specific to the Science Ship and provides great improvements to the survey/anomaly functions of the class through a new lab in the Science Lab component slot.

Component Stats:

  • Science Ship Survey Speed increased 50%.
  • Science Ship Anomaly Research Speed increased 50%.
  • Science Ship Anomaly Generation Chance increased 20%.
  • Science Ship Anomaly Fail Risk decreased by 30%.

Research Requirements:

  • Enhanced Civilian Designs
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