NSC Vanilla File Overwrites

NSC Vanilla File Overwrites

As we develop New Ship Classes & More, we try to avoid vanilla files wherever possible, even going out of our way at times to make sure we don’t touch them, which has leads to certain minor issues that are never resolved. This is because all mods are either additions, extensions, or replacements for content in the vanilla game files, so all modders need access to them in there original state to do their own work. If a mod changes and overwrites a vanilla file, especially unnecessarily, it can cause conflicts that no one desires. Therefore, overwriting of vanilla files is viewed as undesirable, with only mods that directly overhaul a subject matter overwriting the vanilla files where necessary.

With this in mind, New Ship Classes & More is a ship class overhaul, meaning we do overwrite vanilla files pertaining to ship classes, and over the many upgrades of NSC we have overwritten other files in order to make the NSC experience the best we can. None of these overwrites are done lightly or without thought. However, considering how important vanilla files are, we want to list all the vanilla files we overwrite for any NSC players or other mod developers to reference for mod compatibility. The following listing is sorted by file structure: common/event/gfx/interface, then alphabetically by folder name in each of these folders.


1. common/country_types/00_country_types

Our file is named differently, but it has the same content, thus overwrites the vanilla file as it is loaded last. Every ship class mod needs to overwrite this file so the AI will use the new ship classes in the default country type. We overwrite the whole file as it doesn’t like to be separated, although this hasn’t been tested in some time.


2. common/defines/00_defines

This file can be individually overwritten, so we only overwrite 4 particular defines, most relating to fleet formations for our biggest Capital Ship classes to have more space: FLEET_BASE_FORMATION_SCALE, FLEET_BASE_FORMATION_DIV, & SHIP_RANDOM_HEIGHT_OFFSET.
The final one, BOSS_MILITARY_POWER, tells the AI how much fleet power is needed to engage Guardians. We’ve increased this value since NSC improves Guardians.


3. common/global_ship_designs/guardian_designs

This file, along with its partner listed below, are overwritten to fix a long standing vanilla Guardian weaponry coding bug. Paradox didn’t code the weaponry loadouts for the Guardians correctly, which leads to the Automated Dreadnought, Pirate Galleon, Technosphere, and Wraith not having their full weaponry count. Have you noticed that only one side of the Automated Dreadnought ever fires in vanilla? This overwrite fixes this issue. We have yet to see any major mods outside of NSC to overwrite this file or its counterpart.


4. common/section_templates

We do not overwrite all files in this folder, but enough to cover all of them under the same header. We overwrite many regular section template files since NSC is a ship class overhaul mod and we need to access all vanilla section templates for regular ships. We also overwrite the Guardian section template file, the “partner” of the file listed above (see #3 for an explanation of this overwrite). With all this in mind, we overwrite the section template files for the following classes:

Battleship, Construction Ship, Corvette, Cruiser, Destroyer, Guardian, Other (stations), Science Ship, Spaceport.


5. common/ship_behaviors

The files we overwrite here are the files overwritten and greatly improved by Folk’s Automated Behavior Adjustment mod, which NSC has merged with permission. Since these are the only two files in the folder, we overwrite all ship behaviors for NSC. This change is not unwarranted with NSC being a ship class mod and it greatly improves ship combat in NSC.


6. common/ship_sizes/00_ship_sizes

Cannot have a ship class overhaul mod without overwriting the very file that brings them into the game. NSC has made extensive changes to this file to rebalance everything to NSC’s ship class system, wasting absolutely nothing.

NOTICE! Due to overwriting the Guardian Event file (see below) and the Guardian system initializer file (see below), NSC has made “new” versions of certain Guardian ship sizes without touching the vanilla Guardian ship size file, because we directly overwrite their spawn into the game in the Guardian system initializer file and the Guardian event file. These new Guardians are defined in the “00_guardians_overwrite_sizes” file.


7. common/solar_system_initializers/guardian_system_initializers

This file is overwritten by other mods to allow for 100% spawn rates of Guardians despite galaxy size, however, not only does NSC do the same, NSC allows you to choose exactly which Guardians get in at a spawn chance of your choosing whenever you would like, so absolutely nothing is lost and much is gained. NSC also changes and improves vanilla Guardian systems for the Playable Guardian feature and fixes the initializers in conjunction with major fixes done to the Guardian event file (see below), making this a valuable overwrite.


8. events/guardian_events

This may be the most significant overwrite in NSC, given how many events are in this one file and how many mods this would effect. However, we have gone to great lengths to make sure we fix the file up as much as possible, in addition to changes we originally overwrote the file for. This overwrite allows us to fix major issues/glitches/bugs with all Guardian events so they work as intended. Most of these changes, while important, are too numerous or tedious to list, but major highlights include: adding our country type support for various mods to the file, replacing vanilla Guardian ship sizes with improved NSC versions that fix many issues, adding NSC specific rewards for defeating Guardians, adding new wraith colors, changing the wraith spawn timer so you don’t wait forever but have time to prepare, randomizing the color of the Baby Drake to any of NSC’s 13 supported colors, allowing multiple Enigmatic Fortress to exist in the same game without glitches, adding new Technosphere flags so getting the Playable Guardian version works correctly, and so much more.


9. Few misc gfx files

I realize the header is vague, but it’s an apt name. For the most part, this means we overwrite certain technology/ship part icons to better support our new system, and we overwrite the slot icons for the ship designer so they aren’t all orange for S/M/L.


10. gfx/loadingscreens

We have had gotten some heat and very nasty messages for doing this, but we’re sticking with it. In addition to the 10 vanilla loading screens, NSC adds its own. This includes a “credits” screen, where we credit the many people who have made this mod possible. This loading screen will always remain regardless of any other changes here.

For those of you who do not like these loading screens or have another mod that adds loading screens that you would prefer, removing NSC’s overwrites is extremely simple. Instructions can be found here.


11. interface/government_view.gui

This overwrite was made in conjunction with fellow mod author Had, to make NSC directly compatible with his “mod menu” collection (Autobuild, Board That Ship, Harder Invaders, Human Fallen Empires). This overwrite allows all mods involved to use the same “menu button” at the top of the Government screen, which allows us to be compatible without a compatibility patch. The government view was selected because the extremely popular 1080p Overhaul mod doesn’t really touch this file, allowing us to remain compatible.

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