Power Station

The Power Station

Specialization: Power Generation

A large and expensive power station. This base provides a 50% bonus to colony energy production. There is no limit to the number of these that can be built, but only one base per colonized system will provide the bonus. Each station costs 2 Unity and 1 influence to maintain each month. Once you have the research completed, you will need to design the station in the ship designer and then build it with a construction ship. You’ll find it in the Military Stations build menu.

Base Stats:

(These are the stats of the station before any bonuses, utilities, or weapons are added).

  • Mineral Cost: 2000
  • Fleet Capacity: 8
  • Hull Points: 8000
  • Armor: 50

Power Station Bonuses:

  • Bases must be built in a colonized system to receive the bonus, and the bonus only affects colonies, not any stations.
  • Energy Production: 50% bonus to the power production of all colonies in the system it is placed in. Only one base per system is effective.
  • Energy Storage: The first 10 stations each provide a storage capacity increase of 5,000 energy, up to a total of 50,000.

Research Requirements:

  • Space Defense Stations Level 3
  • Power Stations
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