How To Remove NSC Features

How To Remove Certain Features From NSC

This page’s purpose is to tell NSC subscribers how to remove certain features from the mod and will be updated as deemed necessary. If you have read this page and see someone somewhere ask a question about removing a feature, please direct them to this webpage.

The main purpose of this webpage is to describe how to remove certain features from NSC Main that people have asked about removing due to their own personal tastes. While we will attempt to explain how to remove, or even edit, as many things as possible, please understand that not all NSC features are easily removed or changed. If you want a version of NSC without all the “additional” content, please visit the New Ship Classes & More: Streamlined Steam Workshop Page (linked on the left side of this page) to see a much more streamlined version of the mod, which for those interested, can work perfectly with the Playable Guardians Standalone mod if that is the only desired extra feature.

IMPORTANT: Please note in the instructions below, I assume that anyone following these instructions uses the Windows operating system. If you use a different operating system, you will need to find these locations on your own systems. Once you find these locations, the rest of the instructions will be the same for all.


Finding The NSC Mod Zip File And Beginning Editing:

First and foremost, you must understand that these changes will be directly inside the NSC mod zip file, so you need to know where that is. You can find the 3 versions of NSC in these directories:

NSC Main: Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\281990\683230077

NSC Streamlined: Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\281990\932869910

Playable Guardians Standalone: Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\281990\949022828

NOTICE: Not all guides below will explain how to remove or edit features from each of these mods. Only NSC Main (which always contains all NSC content) is guaranteed to be effected, however, they are here in case you wish to edit/remove something from one of the mod zip files yourself. For the purposes of this guide, NSC Main will be used as the reference mod since it contains all NSC content.

You will need to open up the zip file you find in one of these directories with an appropriate program (such as WinRAR or 7zip or another appropriate program of your choosing).

You must go to this directory (NSC Main for this guide) every time you wish to remove a feature as all files are inside the zip file you will find there. Secondly, every time NSC has any update, all the removals you made will be reapplied since Steam will give you a fresh copy of the mod files and this cycle will need to be repeated. If you feel comfortable making a personal mod, you can also go that route so updates don’t force you to reapply your changes, however, you will not receive any new updates or bug-fixes without adding them in yourself. The choice is yours.

WARNING! The NSC Development Team is not liable for mistakes that lead to crashes from you editing these files. We will try to make sure this guide is as clear and accurate as possible for your convenience, but you accept the risk of messing with the files yourself. If you happen to make a mistake with any of these instructions, redownload a fresh copy of the mod by following the Reset NSC instructions (found here) for the mod version you are working on and try again.


Removing Features From NSC:


Feature One: How To Remove The NSC Loading Screens From The Mod:

This is for people who have other loading screen mods that they wish to have instead or for you guys who just simply don’t like the new loading screens, because the loading screens are here to stay (particularly the Credit loading screen).

Inside the NSC zip file, this is very simple: go into the gfx folder and delete the folder called “loadingscreens” to remove all NSC based loading screens from your game. Exit out of the zip file and start Stellaris.

Feature Two: How To Remove The Megastructures From The Mod:

For those of you who think this is outside the scope of the mod, you can simply ignore it in the megastructure menu for the constructor. However, if you still wish to remove it, this is also simple:

Inside the NSC zip file, go to the common folder and delete the folder called “megastructures”. This will remove both NSC megastructures: the “Buildable Planets” and the “Industrial Complex”. If you wish to remove one or the other, the two files in this folder are clearly marked to tell you which megastructure they create. Delete the one you wish to remove. After you’ve deleted the entire folder or one of the files, exit and start Stellaris.

Feature Three: How To Remove The Five Additional Starting Corvettes From The Mod:

Some people have actually asked for this, for one reason or another. Fortunately, this is quite simple. It’s not at the top though because you have to edit one file, unlike the ones above which is all deleting of files.

Inside the NSC zip file, go into the events folder and delete the file named “captainx3_game_start”. Now go back a folder and go into the common folder, then the on_actions folder, where you need to open the file named “captainx3_on_actions”. Inside that file, you need to delete the entire last line, which should start with “empire_init_create_ships”. This line tells the game to activate the event in the file you just deleted, and that event told the game how to give you more corvettes and how many. Save the on_actions file and exit.

Feature Four: How To Remove The Buildings From The Mod:

This will remove the Governor’s Mansion and the Research Initiative Center building chain, or you can delete one or the other.

Inside the NSC zip file, go to the common folder. If you want to delete both buildings, delete the buildings folder. If you want to just delete the Research Initiative Center building chain, go into the building folder, open the file you find, and delete everything from line 107 down. That’s it. If you want to delete just the Governor’s Mansion, delete lines 64-104, or everything in the “Governor’s Mansion” entry. Save the file if you deleted only one of the buildings.

Now you have to delete a few other things regardless of if you want one or both buildings removed. For the Research Initiative Center chain, the rest is relatively easy. Go back to the common folder and open the technology folder. Inside you’ll find a few files. Open the one named “00_captainx3_misc_tech”. Inside, the first tech listed is “Integrated Research Paradigm” (lines 78-130) and you need to delete this entry. The tech is how to get the building chain in the first place and now must be removed. Save the file. That should remove the Research Initiative Center chain completely.

The Governor’s Mansion also has coding in other files you need to delete if you remove it. In the common folder, open the folder called “scripted_effects”. Delete the file named “nsc_building_effects”. Now go all the way back to the NSC folder itself (where you can see the common folder). Go into the Events folder and delete the file named “captainx3_gov_masion_events”. That should remove the Governor’s Mansion completely.

Feature Five: How To Remove The AI Challenge Feature From The Mod:

Normally, we strongly recommend that you keep the AI Challenge Feature in the game and active, so that the AI at least have no excuse for ship/station class technologies, however, for those who don’t want it at all or don’t like the extra “false” errors it creates in the error.log (full explanation of this can be found at the bottom of this page), this is the guide for you.

Inside the NSC zip file, first go to the events folder and delete the file named “captainx3_ai_ship_class_events”. This is the main bulk of AI Challenge Feature, however, this will not remove the errors completely and some other coding needs removed.

Next step is to go back to the main folder (with common, events, gfx, etc) and go into common/scripted_effects. Inside you need to delete 3 files: “nsc_ai_challenge_NSC_effects,” “nsc_ai_challenge_ESC_effects,” and “nsc_ai_challenge_BOSP_effects.”

Once those have been deleted, go back out into the common folder and open the folder named “on_actions”. Inside that folder, open the file named “captainx3_on_actions.” Inside the file, you will find a line that starts with “on_yearly_pulse”. Delete the entire line. Scroll down until you find a coding block that starts with “on_tech_increased” and delete that entire coding block, down to the final closing bracket on line 54. Once this is complete, save the file, and the AI Challenge Feature has been removed from your personal NSC copy.

Feature Six: How To Remove All Extra Playable Races From The Mod:

For those of of you who don’t care for the Extra Playable Races (EPR) or are frustrated by the empty portrait tabs. Realize that the removal of this feature means that all shipsets and citysets produced by it will disappear as well.

Inside the NSC zip file, go to the common folder and delete the “graphical_culture” and “species_classes” folders. These two folders (and the file inside each) control the spawning of the new cultures in-game that produce the new shipsets, citysets, and portrait tabs. Deleting these two folders will remove the EPR from your menus, but it will not remove the “contents” of the feature itself, as in all the new assets, which takes up a good amount of the mod’s overall storage space. If you wish to stop here, the EPR Feature will have disappeared from your NSC copy, however, the amount of space it takes up will remain.

To remove the feature “completely” (and make the mod size smaller), you have to perform an extra step. After deleting the two folders previously mentioned, back out of the common folder and then select the gfx folder, then models -> ships. There will be many folders inside, each holding the name of an individual culture. You need to delete all the correct culture folders to reduce the mod size and remove the EPR feature completely.

WARNING! Deleting the wrong folders can leave to major graphical errors or even crashes. Please be careful in which folders you select for deletion; only deleting the folders outlined in this guide. No more, no less.

Delete the following folders: ai_01, ancient_01, all 6 fallen_empire folders, both pirate folders, swarm_01, and all 7 Unbidden folders.

Now you have deleted most of the EPR content, however, one folder, the “guardians_01” folder remains. I didn’t tell you to delete this one because it has 2 diffuses that are important to the Playable Guardian Feature that you must first move to another folder before you can delete it. Open up the guardians_01 folder and copy or cut the following files: “” and “”. After you copy or cut these two files, paste them both into the folder that is named “_NSC_global”. This is the Playable Guardian asset folder. After you have confirmed both diffuses are in that folder, you can delete the guardians_01 folder, and you have now successfully removed 98% of the EPR feature. The remaining files should cause no harm.

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