Ship Class Upgrade Technology

Ship Class Upgrade Technology

This page lists all the current “upgrade techs” for ship classes in New Ship Classes & More. These upgrades add new segment layouts to the ship designer for the noted ship class, either as “sideways” upgrades (equal in relative firepower) or “literal” upgrades (upgrades that provide more firepower than other ship segments).


Enhanced Civilian Designs:

This technology unlocks many upgrades for the civilian ship classes, to include: a new segment with improved utility slots for the science/construction ships, a defensive aura that does the equivalent damage of 3 medium guns for the protection of the science/construction ships against minor threats, and a friendly aura with many statistical bonuses to overall ships stats (HP, Armor, Evasion, Speed, etc) for all civilian ships.

Research Requirements:

  • Spaceport Level 2
  • Enhanced Civilian Designs


Corvette Upgrades:

This technology grants the use of the M1S1 Corvette layout, which was removed from the initial Corvette with Heinlein (Patch 1.3). This upgrade comes in later due to the layout having a medium weaponry slot, which gives the Corvette a lot more versatility.

Research Requirements:

  • Carriers
  • Corvette Upgrades


Destroyer Upgrades:

This technology grants the use of the L1-Bow layout for the Destroyer, which was removed from the initial Destroyer layouts due to the segment allowing Destroyer sniping. It is added later in the ship class development to help make the lower tier ship classes useful against NSC Capital Ships.

Research Requirements:

  • Carriers
  • Destroyer Upgrades


Frigate Upgrades:

This upgrade contains 5 PD-based “Frigate” segment layouts for the Destroyer to continue the role of anti-fighter/missile defense the Frigate used to perform. This tech is unlocked a few ship classes after the Destroyer so it’s value will be better recognized when available.

Research Requirements:

  • Light Carriers
  • Frigate Upgrades


Spitfire Battleship Upgrades:

This upgrade provides three new segments to the Battleship, nicknamed “spitfire” because these three layouts contain only small weaponry slots. This upgrade is meant to provide the Battleship with a unique use among the Capital Ships, allowing it to combat smaller ships in a more effective manner.

Research Requirements:

  • Carriers
  • Spitfire Battleship Upgrades


Supercarrier Upgrades:

The Supercarrier is not a new ship class, but rather an upgrade for the Carrier. This tech will allow a player to equip their Carrier class ships with two new middle sections that can hold 9 hangar bays each, but will have fewer defenses than the standard sections. This will allow the Carrier to sacrifice some of its defense in order to equip a total of 18 hangar bays, the same as the “Supercarrier Flagship” layout.

Research Requirements:

  • Dreadnoughts
  • Supercarriers


Capital Ship XL Upgrades:

These upgrades give boosts to the number of XL weapons that certain NSC Capital Ships can mount by optimizing the structural integrity and spacing of the Capital Ship’s bow section. These upgrades are available for the Battleship, Dreadnought, and Superdreadnought, granting the Battleship 2 XLs, the Dreadnought 4 XLs, and the Superdreadnought 6 XLs. The Carrier will remain without XL weapon capabilities, and the Flagship remains with 8 total XL slots.

Research Requirements:

  • Any XL weapon to equip on the upgraded XL bows.
  • Battleship XL Upgrades:
    • Carriers
    • Battleship XL Upgrades
  • Dreadnought XL Upgrades:
    • Superdreadnoughts
    • Dreadnought XL Upgrades
  • Superdreadnought XL Upgrades:
    • Flagship
    • Superdreadnought XL Upgrades


Fortified Core Layers – Spaceports:

This is a repeatable technology that will add additional health to your spaceports each time you research the tech.

Research Requirements:

  • (No Special Research Required)
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