The Spectral Wraith

The Spectral Wraith

The Spectral Wraith, also simply known as the “Wraith,” is one of several “Leviathans” or “Guardians” available through the Leviathans DLC.


This “trick of light” is a quick strike terror that can devastate the galaxy if left unchecked once called.

Spectral Wraiths are disturbing creatures, if they are creatures at all. Those who know their power consider them a rare and extraordinarily efficient natural disaster. These Wraiths appear to be illusions of light, but when you get close, it quickly grows apparent that they are far from illusory. In the past they have stormed through solar system after solar system, devastating anything in their path. How they are summoned is a mystery, but the signs of their calling are well known. You must be prepared to defeat any called Wraith if you find the signs, as these “tricks of light” are quick strike terrors that have done more damage to the galaxy than most Guardians combined. But paradoxically, their “appearance of light” is the key to their defeat. Their relationship with the visible spectrum of light is their strength, but it is also their weakness, and how they have been defeated in the past.


Colored Wraith Capabilities:

  • Sublight Speed: 2
  • Combat Speed: 1.25
  • Hit Points: 40,000
  • Evasion: 75%
  • Armor: 100 (69.7% Damage Reduction)

Netural Wraith Capabilities:

  • Sublight Speed: 2
  • Combat Speed: 1.25
  • Hit Points: 50,000
  • Evasion: 85%
  • Armor: 120 (83.6% Damage Reduction)

Wraith Weaponry:

  • 12 Spectral Lasers (color matches Wraith)

Wraith Utilities:

  • 1 Regenerative Hull Tissue

Wraith Solar System/Notes:

  • The Wraith does not spawn immediately upon system creation, making it one of the harder Guardians to find..
  • The Wraith has an extremely small aggression range, making it so you either need to be on top of it or attacking it yourself in order to force engagement.
  • The Wraith will spawn in a system with Pulsar star and 3 habitable worlds, making it the easiest of the “non-initial-spawn” Guardians to find.
  • The Wraith system is guaranteed to have three uniquely resourced 25-tile habitable worlds: one Arid, one Tropical, and one Alpine, or one per habitable category.
  • The Wraith system can summon one or two Wraiths of one of the following colors: red, orange, yellow, blue, violet, white/light, or black/dark. There is a greater chance of a single Wraith being summoned than two Wraiths. If two Wraiths are summoned, they will always be the same color, allowing the same weakness. The white/light and black/dark Wraiths are more powerful than their “colored” counterparts.
  • The Wraith(s) is/are “called/summoned” by the scanning of its home system’s Pulsar by a science ship. Since you know this system has 3 habitable worlds of an exact class, you can avoid “calling/summoning” the Wraith(s) by not scanning the Pulsar until you are sure you can handle the Guardian.
  • The Wraith(s) is/are called/summoned exactly 5 years after you scan the Wraith’s home system’s Pulsar star, giving you that much time to prepare for arrival.
  • The Wraiths have new color options, and because of these, some of the known weaknesses of vanilla colored Wraiths provided by the Curators have been changed. Information about the new Wraith colors and changes to “weaknesses” for all Wraiths are now available by the Curators. Be sure to check with them to determine which systems provide weaknesses to what Wraith colors. All Wraiths have a star class weakness.
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