The Stellarite

The Stellarite

The Stellarite is one of several “Leviathans” or “Guardians” available through the Leviathans DLC.


This… being is pure star light, hardened and as powerful as anything you can encounter… and it is definitely the hungriest.

The Stellar Devourer is a new parasite on the galactic hunting ground. It was born out of fear and nuclear fusion. It roams the galaxy, submerging itself into stars, feasting on them from within. And it certainly does not like being disturbed. This star-feaster is a rare breed. A new type of beast of unknown origin. The accounts collected are few and sparse with intelligence. Few sources even have firsthand experience with this being, however, all data points to the same fact: it is a galactic terror, bringing nothing but ruin. The Stellar Devourer is capable of feeding off of fusion itself. The “educated guess” is its biology is the result of some outer-dimensional fusing of dark matter and solar matter. It dives into stars, feasting on their innards in order to fuel its own, internal fusion reactor. It brings death to all systems it reaches. Either they shatter like ice after its banquet, or they burn from being exposed to a second sun from within the being’s belly. It wants to feed, and it will stop at nothing to get its share. When you gaze at it, what you see is a survivor’s raw fury.


Stellarite Capabilities:

  • Sublight Speed: 1
  • Combat Speed: 0.25
  • Hit Points: 100,000
  • Evasion: 30%
  • Armor: 100 (57.1% Damage Reduction)

Stellarite Weaponry:

  • 1 Stellarite Beam
  • 4 Stellarite Missiles
  • 4 Stellarite Plasma Launchers
  • 8 Stellarite Lazers

Stellarite Utilities:

  • 2 Regenerative Hull Tissues

Stellarite Solar System:

  • The Stellarite spawns 7 days after someone enters its system. Coupled with the fact it has no habitable worlds initially, it is the hardest Guardian system to locate.
  • The Stellarite has a moderate aggression range, meaning you can remain in the system without getting into combat if you remain on the outer edges.
  • The Stellarite will spawn in a system with any “standard star class,” meaning it could have a(n) A, B, F, G, K or M class star in its system. However, due to the Stellarite’s nature, it will be an unusually small star, even smaller than some of the planets that orbit it.
  • The Stellarite is the only Guardian system without a habitable world initially (along with the Dimensional Horror), however, after defeating it you have the chance to turn the system’s frozen world into a Gaia World (85% chance) or a Tundra world (15% chance), depending on the success/failure of the “Back From Whence It Came” special project.
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