The Technosphere

The Technosphere “a.k.a” Infinity Machine

The Technosphere is one of several “Leviathans” or “Guardians” available through the Leviathans DLC.


This mysterious metal sphere orbits a black hole doing… nothing, with no expedition team managing to crack it, hack it, or destroy it. Despite countless efforts, the Technosphere remains one of the biggest mysterious of the galaxy.

This “Technosphere” or “Infinity Machine” is a chromatic being from long ago. Empires and freelancers have studied it for as long as anyone can remember. This machine is beyond ancient. For all anyone knows, it has always been here. And yet, all it does is orbit that black hole. The Technosphere is impervious to extraction. No information comes out from it. No hacker or engineer in the entire galaxy has been able to see through its shiny exterior to gain a glimpse of the knowledge it so obviously withholds from everyone. No one knows how to proceed in discovering its purpose. The entire galaxy neither knows what it is for, nor what it aims to do once it’s done. This sphere is completely and utterly captivating to the galaxy at large, and with absolutely no one being able to crack its shell, it remains the greatest mystery of the galaxy.

[And now that I have told you the Technosphere is “the greatest mystery of the galaxy,” I’m going to tell you exactly how well it can kill you.]


Techonsphere Capabilities:

  • Sublight Speed: 3
  • Combat Speed: 0.75
  • Hit Points: 50,000
  • Evasion: 35%
  • Armor: 150 (85.7% Damage Reduction)

Technosphere Weaponry:

  • 4 Advanced Bomber Wings
  • 1 Infinity Lance
  • 6 Large Infinity Lazers
  • 12 Medium Infinity Lazers
  • 10 Small Infinity Lazers
  • 8 Infinity Point-Defense Platforms

Technosphere Utilities:

  • 20 (NSC: Large Antimatter Shields -> Vanilla: Large Hyper Shields)
  • 1 Shield Capacitor
  • 1 Regenerative Hull Tissue

Technosphere Solar System/Notes:

  • The Technosphere spawns immediately upon system creation, making it one of the easiest to find as it will already be present in system when discovered.
  • The Technosphere is the only “neutral” Guardian in the game, meaning you can enter and exit its system at will without consequence.
  • The Technosphere will spawn in a black hole system with only a 25-tile Gaia World otherwise present, which has a balanced assortment of rich resource deposits.
  • The Technosphere is the only Guardian that has “non-hostile” options for completing not only its vanilla event chains, but also gaining the Playable Guardian version. The Technosphere can still be attacked and destroyed in order to gain its Playable Guardian counterpart, however, two other options are available to you to gain the Playable Guardian version.
    • The first alternative option is to successfully help the Technosphere complete its infinity calculations. There are three possible outcomes to this path, determined by random chance, and only one of the three is “successful.” If you successfully help the Technosphere, the Playable Guardian version is unlocked. If you are unsuccessful, a pop-up message will appear informing you of this and assist you from there.
    • The second alternative option is to hack the Technosphere successfully. This is the most difficult path to the playable version, as you only have a 5% chance to hack the Technosphere, however, due to this very low success chance, the Playable Guardian version will become available if you succeed with your hack.
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