The Science Cruiser

The Science Cruiser

Specialization: Science Ship

The Science Cruiser is a larger, tougher, and more advanced version of the default Science Ship. In addition to its advanced defenses, it also features multiple science bonuses, making it an extremely effective science platform.

Base Stats:

(These are the stats of the ship before any bonuses, utilities, or weapons are added).

  • Build Time: 120 Days
  • Mineral Cost: 400
  • Fleet Capacity: 2
  • Hull Points: 1500
  • Armor: 20
  • Evasion: 15%
  • Sublight Speed: 6.0
  • Combat Speed: 5.5

The Science Cruiser Automated Defense System

The Automated Defense System is a special component automatically equipped on Science Cruisers. It is a defense aura that automatically causes damage to any ship within its radius. Although the system is not designed to protect the cruiser against a full-on enemy assault, it can hold its own against most space monsters and small ships.

Science Cruiser Bonuses:

  • Survey Speed increased by 50%
  • Anomaly Research Speed increased by 50%
  • Anomaly Discovery Chance increased by 20%
  • Anomaly Failure Risk decreased by 30%

Research Requirements:

  • Science Cruisers
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