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» FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions
1. Do you guys beta test your releases?

Yes, every release is extensively tested by over 190,000 beta testers. We're very thorough.

2. Is NSC2 Ironman compatible? Is NSC achievement compatible?

The question of if "NSC2 is Ironman compatible" is a false/trick question. All mods are Ironman compatible. Iroman mode simply means that the console is disabled and thus achievements can be earned. So the real question everyone wants to know: "Is NSC2 achievement compatible?" The short answer: No.

This is because the game will only allow achievements if the game's "checksum" remains unchanged. If you don't know what a checksum is, that's okay, just understand that any mod that does alterations to gameplay mechanics for Stellaris will change the checksum, making achievements impossible. NSC2 changes a LOT of core gameplay features, and thus is not achievement compatible. Mods that change "visual" things (like UI mods) are achievement compatible because they only affect ONE player, not the entire game.

3. Does the AI utilize the new ship classes?

Yes, the AI will use all the new ship classes introduced by New Ship Classes & More.

4. Do all cultures get the new ship classes?

All cultures will utilize the new ship/station classes added by NSC2: all 6 vanilla shipsets, the Plantoid DLC shipset, and the Humanoid DLC shipset.

5. How do I acquire a non-Steam version of the mod?

You don't: There is no official or supported version of NSC2 outside of the mods on the Steam Workshop hosted by CaptainX3. The NSC2 development team doesn't have the time to maintain more than one given copy of NSC2. ANY non-Steam version of ANY NSC mod is non-official and is not authorized by the original mod authors. These 3rd party versions are often out of date, unreliable in content (often corrupted), are not supported by the original mod authors (no help for fixing something wrong in these versions), and most importantly can come with any number of viruses that can harm your PC. Please purchase Stellaris through Steam (or if there is another proper retailer, they will sell you a Steam key) and use the official supported NSC2 version on the Steam Workshop.

6. Where are the Light Carrier, Heavy Carrier and Supercarrier?

The Light Carrier no longer exists as an independent class,  it is now an upgrade to the Battlecruiser - the Light Carrier tech unlocks Core sections for the Battlecruiser that allow it to deploy up to four wings of Strike Craft. We chose to do this for several reasons: First, almost nobody we talked to used Light Carriers after they unlocked the Carrier class. Second, the Battlecruiser and Light Carrier hulls were almost exactly the same, aesthetically. Third, with the Battlecruiser's redesign placing it more in a "glass cannon" role, having the ability to deploy strike craft that would keep the fragile Battlecruiser out of the main action just made sense, thematically.

The Heavy Carrier and Supercarrier are not independent classes. Like the Light Carrier, they are section upgrades unlocked through Engineering technology. In this case, the Heavy Carrier and Supercarrier are upgrades to the normal Carrier, and unlock section options for the Core sections (the parts of the Carrier that actually carry strike craft). Each normal Carrier Core section can carry four wings of strike craft, while the Heavy Carrier Cores can carry six wings, and the Supercarrier Cores can carry eight wings, for a total potential armament of eight, twelve, and sixteen wings of strike craft, respectively. At each level, there are multiple section options that allow you to choose between fielding Point Defense, Small guns, or Missile slots as a secondary armament to the wings of strike craft, depending on whether you want missiles to support your strike craft assault and to make every part of the Carrier "offensive" even at range, or if you want to carry some protection against smaller vessels closing in on the vulnerable Carrier, or if you just want to defend against enemy missiles and strike craft. You can mix and match those options to create your own specialized Carriers, which fits with the overall design philosophy of NSC2: Every ship should have its own role, while giving the player the opportunity to further specialize their ships in creative ways to fine-tune how their fleets perform in battle. This is most frequently seen in the trade-off between sections with heavier armament, but fewer utility slots, or sections with fewer or weaker weapons, but more utility slots for shields and armor.

7. Where did the Superdreadnought go?

The Superdreadnought has been folded into the Titan class. Vanilla Titans received the auras that NSC Superdreadnoughts used in their capacity as "command ships," and with the introduction of Titanic weapons, it made sense to give those to Superdreadnoughts or their equivalent.

The NSC2 Titans are actually a fusion of the Vanilla Titan and the NSC1 Superdreadnought, because the Vanilla Titan only has three sections, and most crucially, no section options. You got your one Titanic weapon and six Large weapons, and that was it. The NSC2 Dev Team felt that this was needlessly restrictive, and also believed that having to go back to having only three sections after the Battlecruiser and Dreadnought was both useless and very much against the spirit of fun gameplay. So in NSC2, your Titans get four sections and multiple design options, like the old Superdreadnought, as well as the option of having the Titanic weaponry introduced in Apocalypse. We also tried for a middle ground between NSC1's lack of a build limit on Superdreadnoughts and the hard limit of three Titans imposed by vanilla 2.0. In NSC2, you can have one Titan per every 100 Naval Capacity, and Naval Capacity is effectively unlimited, removing the vanilla cap of 1,000. So you'll never be able to really spam Titans, which will ensure that they stay "special," but you also won't be stuck in the situation of owning a quarter of the galaxy and a dozen fleets, but only having four really cool command vessels (a Flagship and three Titans). Instead, the number of awesome super-ships you can maintain is limited only by the size of the overall Navy that you can support, which we feel both makes the most sense, and is the best option for making gameplay as fun as possible, no matter how big your galaxy or how mighty your Navy might become.

8. My Battleships don't have XL weapons, is this a bug?

XL guns are intended to be used by the biggest, toughest ships around. In vanilla, that's the Battleship, considering that you can only build three Titans. But in NSC2, Battleships are just the earliest, smallest capital ships available to the player, beneath Dreadnoughts, which have no build limit, Titans, which have a cap of 1 per 100 Naval Capacity, and the unique Flagship (Carriers are also capital ships, but not in the same style). This makes Dreadnoughts, not Battleships, the largest "normal" ship. Therefore, the XL weaponry is limited to Dreadnoughts, which get two XL guns, Titans, which can get 4 (at the cost of not having a Titan weapon), and the Flagship, which can have a 3T /0XL bow, a 2T/3XL bow, a 1T/6XL bow, and a 10XL bow at the cost of having no Titan weapons. Titan weapons are valued as equivalent to 3XLs, rounded up to the nearest massive space cannon.

There are a bunch of reasons for this. One, as already mentioned, was to keep the XL weapons special. Another was balance, as 2.0 really cranked up the damage on the KA and new Energy Launchers, as well as the XL guns; the KA can do almost 600 damage a shot, the Neutron Launcher can go up to 1,000, and the Tachyon Lance can reach all the way up to 2,000. With this kind of power, giving Battleships XL guns would negate any incentive to build Dreadnoughts, and to a lesser extent the other capital ships, as well. At the same time, Battleships now have the dedicated role of amassing a lot of very powerful large guns, and being able to take damage, as well. Battlecruisers can have a similar armament, but are very much glass cannons. So taking away the Battleship XL guns was necessary both to keep the bigger capital ships relevant, and to give the Battleship itself a dedicated role.

9. I cannot play multiplayer with my friends because it says our NSC versions are different.

This has become a common issue with Steam and is the most common "bug" the NSC2 development team is asked to address. Problem is 98% of the time, these issues are not caused by NSC2. They are caused by faulty Steam downloads of the NSC2 zip file. Therefore, we ask before you submit any error reports for NSC that you follow these instructions below (also found in the NSC mod description under "Other Info") to "reset" your local NSC2 copy to hopefully refresh any corrupt download from Steam. If you still have the error after this, then report the bug to us. The instructions on how to reset NSC can be found here.

10. Why is NSC2 out-of-date in the mod launcher? Are you going to update it?

There are only 4 reasons NSC2 should be out-to-date on your PC.

1. You have a VERY old version that hasn't been properly updated by Steam in a long time (perhaps because you haven't played the game in a while), therefore you need to use the "How to Reset NSC2" link in the navigation menu on the left hand side of this page.

2. You have subscribed to an available beta via Steam. NSC2 only supports the latest public version of Stellaris, therefore, any betas would say "out-of-date" because NSC2 is supporting the public version one number behind. Some betas are compatible, others are not. If you have a beta that doesn't work with NSC2, please wait until it is released publicly.

3. A new patch was just released publicly and the development team is working to update NSC2 to function within the new patch. Please be patient as we determine what exactly has been changed in the patch, as we get no more of a head start than any of you.

4. A public patch was recently released, but it didn't change anything related to NSC2, so the devs did not bother updating the version number in the mod file. In this case, the mod is perfectly safe to use and the version number will be changed with the next mod update.

11. Why does the ship designer say "shipdesigner_savefail_wrong_required_components?" What does this mean?

This happens when the auto-designer gives a ship class design either a component it shouldn't have access to yet or incorrectly sets a component that requires a mod that isn't active. We cannot fix this on our end as the auto-designer is part of the hard coding, however, we can tell you how to fix this error yourself.

First thing is to look at the component section (the right side of the ship designer with the FTL, engines, sensors, etc). At the bottom is a component slot for Folk's Power Stations mod and it may not have been properly set with the needed "empty slot," whether or not you have Folk's Power Stations mod. There are also NSC Special Slot components that can be placed in auto-design that are still locked behind techs, thus they are invalid at the moment. Please check each of the component slots (again, right side of the designer, starting at the bottom) and make sure the option currently selected is available from all your options. If it isn't, replace it. Test again to see if you can save your design.

If you still cannot save your design, check the A-slots in the utility section (the bottom of the ship designer). Some NSC components go there that are locked behind techs you might not have yet, therefore, clear out your A-slots and refill them yourself then check to see if you can save.

If all else fails: create a new design for the ship class you are having so much trouble with from scratch from the new design menu, doing everything yourself manually. This should always work and you can then delete the troublesome design.

12. I cannot find the Titan in the ship designer after I research it.

Because of a bug in the game, we have removed the auto-generated Titan design that caused a game crash. Once you research Titans, you then need to open the ship designer and click on the New Design button and create a Titan design from scratch.

13. The Outpost is missing its single building slot. Is this a bug?

The single building slot was removed from the Outpost due to AI issues. The AI continuously equipped the slot with buildings that required so much maintenance it crippled its economy, and did the same to any player who took over their starbases unless they manually removed the building from each base. The slot caused more problems than it solved, so it was removed.

14. I'd like to donate for the work on this awesome mod. How can I do that?

I've set up a Paypal payment page for one time donations here.

I've set up a Patreon page for monthly donations here.


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