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November 14 2018 15:38
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Official Addon: Extra Ships...
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S2, E1 - Bugfix Update #1
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Posted On: May 28 2018 20:22
Season 2 Releases!
Posted By: CaptainX3
Posted On: May 27 2018 21:11
New Website Online!
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Posted On: May 26 2018 19:52
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Welcome to the Official Mod Guide for NSC2, The Next Generation of New Ship Classes & More for Stellaris 2.0!

NSC2 is a mod for the PC strategy game Stellaris by Paradox Interactive. Stellaris is available to purchase on Steam here.

This website is here to serve as a full guide to the mod for our users. By using the drop down menus above, you can view a page about each individual feature in the mod to learn what it does, how it works, its requirements in the game, and other information.

The NSC2 mod has changed from its previous version. The main NSC2 mod, which is referred to as the "base" mod, contains only the features related to ship classes and stations. Additional features that are not related to the core intent of the mod will be separated into Addon mods, to allow users to pick and choose which features they want to use.

To subscribe and download the mod, head to our Steam Workshop page located here.

General Listing of NSC2's features and changes:

  • New Ship Classes: Strike Cruiser, Battlecruiser, Fleet Support Ship, Carrier, Dreadnought, Titan (Upgraded From Vanilla), Flagship.
  • Ship Class Upgrades: New upgrade section options include the PD Destroyer, Light Carrier, Spitfire Battleship, Heavy Carrier, and Supercarrier.
  • More Titans: Titan limit increased, because 3 is just not enough.
  • Solar Stronghold Starbase: This new Level 6 starbase is the ultimate system defense station.
  • New Starbase Modules & Buildings: Various new modules and buildings to enhance your starbases.
  • New Special Components: Special upgrade components for all classes.
  • New Weapons: A few new special weapons for more dakka.
  • The Return of Defense Stations: Stations and Fortresses are now buildable as Starbase Defense upgrades.
  • And Much More: Many other tweaks and changes to improve the gameplay experience.

IMPORTANT: Some of the major features of NSC2 (Such as Titans and Titanic weapons) are only available if you have purchased the Apocalypse DLC. You can find it on Steam here. In addition, the Utopia DLC is required to use any Megastructures that NSC2 provides. You can purchase the Utopia DLC here.

» Official Addon: Extra Shipsets Releases!
Official Addon: Extra Shipsets

This new addon mod for NSC2 adds 19 new shipsets for use with the NSC2 mod.

  • AI Ships
  • Ancient Ships
  • 6 Colors of Fallen Empire Ships
  • Special Creatures of the Void Set (Requires Leviathans DLC)
  • 2 Variants of Pirate Ships
  • Swarm Ships
  • 7 Colors of Unbidden Ships

  • This addon only adds shipsets and **nothing else**. No portraits, city sets, traits, or other race related things.
  • These shipsets do not include unique starbases - each set will use a vanilla starbase that is closest to its style.
  • The Unbidden starbases will not be transparent.
  • All sets have had their Colossus models changed to one of their own models. They won't be animated but will at least look proper with the rest of the ships.
  • You must be using the base NSC2 mod for this mod to work properly. I do not know what will happen when using it without NSC2.

  • The scaling of all ships in this addon is currently a bit too large. I'm working on fixing this and will update when finished.

Click Here To Subscribe To This Addon On The Steam Workshop

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» S2, E1 - Bugfix Update #1
May 28, 2018 - Season 2, Episode 1: Bugfix Update #1 (Update 2 - Mod Version 2.1.1)

New Save Game is Not Required

  • Fixed a bug on the Flagship sterns where you couldn't equip the second hangar slot.
  • Fixed a bug on the Flagship PD Stern where you couldn't equip 4 of the PD slots.
  • Fixed a bug where you could not equip a weapon on one of the S slots on the Strike Cruiser Pinpoint Stern.
  • Fixed a bug where the Molluscoid Battlecruiser stern section was not connected to the ship.
  • Fixed a bug where the Molluscoid Fleet Support Ship was using the Mammalian models.
  • Reduced the power usage of the Electro-Magnetic Flux Cannon from 75 to 45, to allow it to be used properly on a full Spitfire BB setup.
  • Fixed an error in the files where some of the changes made in Season 2 did not get added to the mod.
» CaptainX3 on May 28 2018 20:22 · In Bugs · 0 Comments · 2877 Reads ·Print
» Season 2 Releases!
May 27, 2018 - Season 2, Episode 1: Balance of Power (Update 1 - Mod Version 2.1.0)

New Save Game is Absolutely Required (Save games will NOT work with this update!!)

  • Battleships, Dreadnoughts, Titans, and the Flagship have all been completely redesigned with new weapon layouts for better balance.
    • This change represents a major shift in how capital ships operate - their weapon loadouts are much smaller, but their defenses and stats are unchanged, which should lead to much longer and more intense battles. This will also make them much more affordable for both the player and the AI in terms of build cost and maintenance cost.

  • NEW WEAPON: Electro-Magnetic Flux Cannon - These specialized high speed turrets are designed for engaging nimble Corvettes. They have great precision at long range, but struggle against the thicker hulls of larger ships.
    • This new weapon is restricted to Battleships and Flagships only, and is a very strong direct counter to corvette spam. It is designed to be used on the Spitfire layout, and the weapon will not unlock until you've researched the Spitfire Battleship tech.

  • Flagships have been reverted to the models they used in 1.9, the Battleship hulls. This allows us to offer more options for the Flagship, visually and in terms of weapon options.
    • IMPORTANT NOTE FOR DEVELOPERS OF CUSTOM SHIPSETS: The Flagship asset files have been changed back to what they were in 1.9, so you'll need to change the Flagship asset file in your shipsets to match NSC2 - we are no longer using the Titan sections.

  • Fixed a typo on the Industrial Complex so that now you can only build one (It was never intended to allow you to build more than one).
  • Removed the building slot on Outposts, as it caused more trouble than it was worth with the way the AI was using it.
  • Removed the vanilla overwrite of the Crew Quarters and the Hyperlane Registrar, since they're not needed now with the removal of the Outpost building slot.
  • The Flagship technology moved from Tier 4 to Tier 5.
  • The Dreadnought technology moved from Tier 3 to Tier 4.
  • Fixed a bug with the Strike Cruiser Pinpoint Stern having a slot that can't be equipped.
  • Added the new Hyperlane Range modifier to the Science Ship
  • Added the new Hyperlane Range Modifier to the Sensor Station.
  • Fixed a bug with the Drydock Upkeep bonus.
  • Removed the nonworking border friction bonus for the Customs office.
  • Adjusted the Servitor specialized Customs office by removing the pop resource output and more focused on the organics.
  • Changed the upkeep on the Customs Office to 1 energy.
  • Changed the Customs office so that it is only buildable in a colonized system.
  • Fixed various typos in the Strike Cruiser thruster names.
  • Updated various parts of the mod code for the changes in Stellaris 2.1.
  • Fixed some errors that could cause the game to crash on certain events.
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» Other NSC2 Information
NSC2 Known Bugs
  • No known bugs at this time.

Other Important NSC2 Info
  • This mod requires the UI Overhaul 1080p mod in order for the 5-section Flagship to display properly in the ship designer. If you don't care about how the UI looks in the ship designer, you can use this mod alone with no issues.

  • HOW TO RESET NSC: If your copy of the mod is not working properly, delete this entire folder from your PC: Steam \ SteamApps \ workshop \ content \ 281990 \ 683230077 and then unsubscribe and resubscribe to the mod. Verify that Steam is downloading the mod, and then try to run again. You may have to repeat this step a few times to get it working. This is becoming a common problem with Steam and we cannot fix it from our end.
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