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» Rules & Regulations

1. No Spamming - Everyone is allowed to post things that are relevant to the forum topic, however excessive posting is not permitted. Do not spam posts, memes, mentions, or links. If you're posting something that is on topic for multiple forums, you are permitted to post your item in each forum once.

2. No Shouting - Do not type in all capital letters repeatedly, as it makes you appear to be shouting and is generally considered rude.

3. Respect Other Users - All users are expected to respect everyone else on the server. Harassment, discrimination, insults, flaming, trolling, and other provacative behavior will not be tolerated.

4. Respect Creators' Work - The official stance of this community is that it is morally wrong to take the code of someone else's mod and use it in your own mod without permission, regardless of any laws or rules posted elsewhere. Anyone who does not agree with this stance is not welcome here. All of the modders work very hard on their mods. Mod theft, i.e. copying someone else's work without permission and reposting it publicly, is grounds for an instant ban from the site. This goes for ALL users, both members and other mod creators. (This does not apply to anyone who has the mod author's permission to do whatever they're doing).

5. Game Piracy - We have a large community of creators here, both for mods and for games. Game piracy is a crime, and we do not take it lightly. If you're involved in it, we would highly suggest you not mention it here.

6. Stay On Topic - Please make sure you are staying on topic in the forum you are posting in.

7. No Inappropriate Content - While our community is pretty liberal when it comes to what is allowed to be said, we do have rules against highly inappropriate topics such as pornography, pedophilia/child sexualization, hate speech, discrimination, or any other topic that should not be discussed in a public setting where children may be present.

8. No Political or Religious Discussions - Politics and religion are extremely controversial topics that tend to grow out of control very quickly. Since this is not a political or religious community, neither of these topics is allowed in any forum here (including the General Chat forum).

9. No Spoilers - We expect everyone on the site to respect their fellow users. We will not tolerate intentionally posting spoilers for major movies, books, games, TV shows, or any other entertainment media. If you wish to discuss the latest movie/game/book/TV show, take it to private messaging. We understand that slip-ups can happen occasionally, but anyone caught posting major spoilers intentionally will be instantly banned from the entire site, no questions asked.

10. Discussions Regarding Paradox - Even though there are things that Paradox does that we modders don't like or don't agree with, throwing around direct insults towards the company or its employees just makes us, as a community, look like a bunch of immature children. We have verified that Paradox employees have been present here and may still be present, and some of the things said here might be directly responsible for our inability to establish a dialogue with the company. As of now, it is against the rules to directly insult Paradox in any of the channels. Voicing disagreement with them is fine, but keep it as a mature discussion.

11. Discussing Moderator Actions - It's never pleasant when a Moderator has to take action against a user of the site, but it does happen. When it does, it is against the rules to discuss or challenge the action in the public forums. We've had an issue with people continuing to harass, annoy, and poke at Moderators after an adverse action is taken, and this will no longer be tolerated. If you feel that a Moderator's actions are unjustified, you may initiate a private message with CaptainX3, another NSC2 developer, or another Moderator and state your grievance there. Discussing moderation actions in public after you have been asked to stop is grounds to be banned from the server.


On this server we have implemented a warning system for those who violate the rules. This warning system is designed to allow for mistakes rather than just banning anyone who steps out of line. This warning system is outlined below. Be aware that the moderators on the server reserve the right to implement any level of this warning system at any time, if they feel a violation warrants a higher level.

The authority figures on the server include the Administrator (CaptainX3), the NSC Developers, and the Moderators. No one but these people have the authority to issue warnings, kicks, or bans.

Level 1: Verbal Warning
If a member violates one of the rules, typically they will be first given a verbal warning by one of the moderators or the admins. The member is expected to heed the warning and cease the violation immediately. Ignoring warnings from mods or admins may result in moving to Level 2, or even Level 3 in extreme cases.

Level 2: Warned Member Status
If a member continues causing a problem after a verbal warning, or commits a more serious offense, they may be placed under a "Warned" status. This involves applying a "Warned Member" badge to the member for a time period specified by the person who applies the warning and based on the severity of the violation. The member will be monitored for further violations. The status will be removed when the administrators feel that the member can be permitted to return to their regular status.

Level 3: Server Ban
If a member commits a severe violation, a moderator or admin may choose to ban the user from the site completely. While there are a few violations that will result in an instant ban (these are outlined below), most of the time a ban is a last resort after trying to warn the member repeatedly that their behavior is not acceptable. Typically, bans are permanent and not reversed, although every one is handled on a case by case basis. If you feel you have been banned unfairly, you may send a direct message to one of the administrators (blue name) on the NSC2 Discord, and we'll review your case... but be aware that we typically stand behind the decisions of our moderators and removing a ban is very rare.


The following violations will almost always result in a permanent ban from the server. (Note that this is by no means a complete list of what can lead to a ban.)

1. Admitting to, hinting that you are involved in, or promoting game piracy.
2. Admitting to, hinting that you are involved in, or promoting mod theft.
3. Any form of severe racism, hate speech, or discrimination.
4. Extreme spamming of a forum of any type of content.
5. Intentionally and repeatedly trolling other members in the forums for no purpose other than to cause problems.
6. Excessively harassing, insulting, or flaming a specific person or group of people.
7. Ignoring repeated warnings from the moderators or administrators of the site.
8. Posting anything that can be considered as extremely inappropriate or offensive.
9. Intentionally posting major spoilers in the public forums.



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