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How To Reset NSC2 (Or Any Other Mod)

This page is to give instructions on how to hopefully avoid any issues with Steam partially downloading or not downloading the latest version of NSC after NSC is updated. We do not guarantee in any way, form, or fashion that these instructions will work 100% of the time, however, these instructions should work most of the time and give you the best opportunity to get the latest NSC files, or any other mod that you need to "reset."

Resetting NSC2 Only

This "shorter" version is for those we are just looking to fix NSC2 itself, and this should work for most users. If this doesn't work, try the "Resetting All Mods" instructions below.

Step 1: Go to Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\281990\683230077 on your PC and delete this folder.

Step 2: Unsubscribe/resubscribe to the mod whose's folder you just deleted. This should force Steam to redownload the mod zip file. Now that there isn't any zip to confuse Steam about needing a download or corrupting one, it should download a fresh, clean, up-to-date copy of the mod zip file.

Resetting All Mods

This is the "hard core" reset for all your mods, basically with you removing all of them and refreshing all files. This takes some time, but it's the best measure we know to guarantee you get the latest mod files from Steam and make sure your game working, short of uninstalling/reinstalling Stellaris.

Step 1: Go to: Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\281990. You'll see either a few or a lot of numbered folders depending on the number of mods you have. Delete all of them.

Step 2: This shouldn't be necessary, but to be absolutely sure, go to: Documents\Paradox Interactive\Stellaris\workshop\content\281990. Make sure it's empty. If there are folders in here, delete all of them as well.

Step 3: Go to the Stellaris Steam Workshop, and on the main page, and beside your user avatar (image) should be "Your Files" with a down arrow. Select that down arrow and then select "Subscribed Items". All your subscribed mods are here. Unsubscribe then resubscribe to each one in order, usually from last to first so they appear in the same order once finished. This takes time, but it should refresh all your mods.

Step 4: Final step to make absolutely sure this worked: Go back to your Steam Library page, right-click on Stellaris, select "properties", select the "Local Files" tab at the top, and then push "Verify Integrity of Game Files". You can also use this method in the "Short Version" instructions after Step 2 if you believe Steam isn't downloading a fresh mod zip file for you.

Step 5: That should have forced Steam to redownload all your mods, and since you delete all the zips for them in steps 1-2, it should download without any issue, confusion, and hopefully without corruption.

Determining The Mod ID

In order for you to reset a mod, you have to find the folder which holds the zip file for that mod. This folder's name is the Steam Mod ID Steam uses to keep track of every mod that is on the Steam Workshop. This number is unique to every mod, and to make sure you delete the correct folder, you need to know the Mod ID of the mod you wish to reset.

How do you find the Mod ID for a random mod on the Steam Workshop? There is an easy method. Go into the Steam Workshop and find the mod you want to reset and go to its Steam Workshop page. Once there, in the top left corner is the URL link shown in small white lettering. You can directly copy this URL write out OR you can also right click somewhere on the page, and choose the option that says, "Copy Page URL." The URL itself will tell you the Mod ID for the mod you are trying to reset. You can directly read it off the Steam workshop page if you can see the URL link in the top left corner, however, if you cannot, you will need to then paste the URL somewhere so you can view it. For my example here, I will use NSC Main's URL link:


The important part is the end, where it says "?id=683230077." Everything after the equals sign is the Mod ID, which for NSC is "683230077," and this will be the name of the folder you find NSC in, as shown in the "Short Version" instructions above. However, it's not always that "clean" when you view or copy the URL from a page. If you did a search to get to the mod, there will be extra characters behind the Mod ID for the search text. For example:


Note that the addition of the search text will always begin with "&searchtext," meaning if you take out everything behind that particular string, you will have only the Mod ID left at the end of your string. It is also recommended that you remove any "searchtext" string before using a Mod's URL to link it for others to use.

Once you have the Mod ID, you can use the "Resetting NSC2 Only" directory link to find the mod you wish to reset, replacing the last folder's name with the Mod ID you just found. The "281990" in the coding is Steam's "Game ID" for Stellaris.



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